The art of enjoying fine wine, the French way, is an invitation to savor your wine experience with high-quality tools imbued with resolutely contemporary style. Tools that, over time, will become classic staples, standing out for their distinctive design.

Opening a bottle

The key to opening a wine bottle comes in various designs and forms, offering a variety of options to suit individual tastes and comfort.

The type of bottle opener you choose depends on the setting, whether it be in the kitchen, at a dining table, a countertop or on a terrace.

Each bottle opener model is designed for specific bottle types and cork types, making it a valuable addition to any collector’s set.


Serving Wines to Perfection. Our decanters are designed to serve wines at their optimal level, with shapes, volumes, and openings suitable for both young and aged vintages.

Our unique designs, such as the Perched Carafes, enhance the wine’s flavor and aroma through aeration.


L’Atelier du Vin has created a one-of-a-kind glass called The Exploreur® to enhance the exploration of wine and spirits.

The Exploreur® Oenology wine glass, equipped with the Aroma Line® design, intensifies the olfactory and gustatory sensations of wine.

The wine glass features the Aroma Line®, a technical design achievement that enhances the olfactory and gustatory sensations of wine.

The Exploreur® Spirits glass is designed to showcase the unique textures of spirits even in small quantities.

The patented Exploreur® is a remarkable accomplishment in glassmaking.

Preserve the wine

Preserving the quality of opened wine is possible with proper techniques. Stopping the oxygenation process, like when the bottle was first closed, is crucial. Our methods of removing air and creating an airtight seal can effectively preserve wine for several days, maintaining its essential qualities such as flavor, aroma, and texture.

Wine coolers

For your Champagnes, white wines, and rosés, Fresh Baladeurs are always ready for use by simply filling with cold water and ice. With their fashionable, durable handle, they add an elegant touch to both indoor and outdoor settings. Fresh wine coolers, kept in the freezer, elevate the style of chilled white wines, rosés, and champagnes.