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Bubbles Celebration champagne flutes design

Our Bubbles Celebration flutes take the champagne experience to all-new horizons. Box sold without bottle.  (More information)

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Bubbles Celebration by Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin

Make something that allows the mind and body to merge together in unison… The work of Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin is best presented in their own words.

Artist designers of international renown, Monica and Philip have been working together as a team for forty years. Their favorite material? Glass. Over time, it has grown into one of the most emblematic elements in their work.


Where did the idea for the Bubbles Celebration champagne flutes come from?

Originally, they were meant as a gift. We designed and made these champagne flutes in our workshop as a birthday gift in honor of a very close friend. We used atypical and colorful glass for joyful flutes that capture the visual character of pure celebration. The enthusiastic response made us want to share this same joy with everyone. Thanks to our friends at L’Atelier du Vin, our dream became a reality!

As for the technical side, using only blown glass was an important condition for us. Thus, each flute is truly unique and numbered. This is not simply a technical detail; what matters most to us is the expression of color and light. Bubbles Celebration are more than flutes. They are meant to be a celebration of shape and color. These flutes serve as an invitation to lightness – an ode to the joy of being together and celebrating the precious moments in life.


Every Champagne Glass Is Unique

Each flute from the Bubbles Celebration collection possesses its own distinctive characteristics, with a one-of-a-kind design, individual numbering, and meticulous handcrafting by skilled glass artisans. These extraordinary stemware pieces accentuate the delicate effervescence of champagne, imbuing the tasting experience with a touch of elegance and enchantment.

The traditional tulip-shaped bowl of conventional champagne glasses gives way to sleek, straight contours and a refined geometric cone, exuding a minimalist allure. The once flat circular base transforms into a mesmerizing bubble-shaped sphere, adorned with transparency and vibrant hues. Visually captivating, this creation emanates an otherworldly glow, reminiscent of a radiant renaissance.

These exceptional champagne glasses, crafted by two visionary artists, epitomize conceptual design and epitomize an exuberant sense of artistry. Their embodiment in glassware culminates in a vivacious tasting journey, evoking effervescence and delight. These flutes revolutionize the realm of tableware while preserving the essence of togetherness—celebrations abound with heartfelt toasts and joyous laughter!


Two Glassmakers’ Masterpieces in an Exquisite Case

Each meticulously crafted sparkling wine flute finds its perfect counterpart, an extraordinary champagne glass of equal capacity and brilliance. These two hand-blown flutes are carefully nestled in the elegant and environmentally conscious Bubbles Celebration – Le Duo sliding drawer box.

Upon opening the L’Atelier du Vin box, the recipient is greeted with an unexpected burst of colors adorning these limited edition stemware pieces. Each sip from these magical chalices imbues the act of drinking champagne with profound significance, transforming it into a celebration of life itself.


From Blissful Moments to Memorable Occasions

Why wait any longer? The Bubbles Celebration – Le Duo sparkling wine glasses provide the perfect reason to indulge in a bottle of exquisite bubbly. Whether for intimate gatherings with friends, a festive Christmas meal, a romantic dinner for two, or a surprise soirée, these enchanting and captivating glasses facilitate the creation of truly enchanting moments.



Undoubtedly, these exceptional champagne flutes will become your cherished tasting companions, be it for savoring a regional sparkling grand cru or sharing a vintage champagne with fellow connoisseurs.

For a comprehensive champagne-tasting experience, consider complementing these exquisite glasses with L’Atelier du Vin’s Sparkling Set, which includes a cork opener and stopper to preserve every precious bubble until the last sip.


Mouth-blown Collection in accordance with the designers’ strict specifications.
Hand wash only with a suitable, non-abrasive cloth.
Elegant gift box with sliding drawer, designed to hold a bottle of your chosen champagne along with flutes.
Box is sold without a bottle.


Each piece is unique and numbered.
Pigmented glass.

Colors: Royal blue, Chardonnay green, Champagne pink.