Washing balls in a sachet

washing balls in a sachet

Cleaning beads made of ceramic, contained in a small bag. To clean carafes, vases or glass jars in an ecological and natural way, the ceramic washing balls are enclosed in...  (More information)

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These Washing balls are the eco-friendly solution co clean carafes, vases or jars or any other glass container in an easy and efficient way.
These small bowls are made of ceramic, and they are contained in a fishnet bag.

How to use the Washing balls?

Easily drop all the beads out of their net, and insert them directly in the glass container you wish to clean. Add some warm water. Then, swirl the glass jar or decanter. As the beads roll around of the decanter, they will remove the stain. The beads will therefore have a cleaning effect and will collect any wine residues. Keep doing this for a few minutes, depending on the stain. Once you are done, collect the beads in their net. Lastly, dry them quickly without losing any.

To dry the decanter, use the ON/ OFF Decanter holder.

Approved for contact with food, do not ingest.

L’Atelier du Vin’s expertise in wine tools

The expertise L’Atelier du Vin has, is not only with tools directly related to wine, but also with accessories that are used in the tasting of wine. Like the pairing with cheese. L’Atelier du vin offers tools for the tasting and presentation of cheese and bread, as well as the presentation of appetizers. Tools and guides are also edited to explain which cheese matches with wich wine. The range of l’Atelier du Vin tools also includes accessories to store and clean wine glasses and carafes.