The Twin-blade: an atypical corkscrew with a history

The idea: “pull” the cork from the bottle without piercing it.

The Twin-blade wine opener removes corks effortlessly by inserting 2 “spring steel” blades attached to a handle between the cork and the bottle’s neck, and then pulling and turning the blades and the cork together, without damaging the cork. Even old and fragile corks can be removed without crumbling. Additionally, it can be used to re-cork an opened bottle. According to legend, the Twin-blade was a favorite among waiters who would use it to sneak a small serving from bottles and then re-cork them without leaving any trace of the break-in.

Charles Pégé patented the device on July 1st, 1887. L’Atelier du Vin, (the Sanbri Company), followed with their own patents for “improvements on a bladed corkscrew” on May 13th, 1949 and April 6th, 1954. The Twin-blade, manufactured in France in large quantities, has become a highly valued tool among wine lovers and those interested in mastering the art of extracting a cork without piercing it with a corkscrew.