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Wine Bottle Preservation Corks

Elegant and Practical: Pink Matte, Silver Matte, and Gold Matte Hermetic Stoppers  (More information)

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3 Bottle Stoppers to Honour Each Tasting Experience

Replace your traditional cork with elegance. Each of our metal wine stoppers crowns its glass bottle like a diadem. Featuring a refined, ergonomic curve, these three jewel-like stoppers offer an optimal grip for your thumb and forefinger. Effortlessly and smoothly, they invite you to extend the enjoyment of an opened bottle of wine, which has never been easier to reseal and reopen.

In particular, the alloy composition of these stoppers provides an ideal weight, a testament to their value, quality, and reliability during both sealing and unsealing. Thanks to their food-grade silicone rings, our preservation stoppers adapt to all bottle neck diameters, ensuring an airtight closure. The nectar of Bacchus is gloriously showcased and preserved down to the last drop.


Evocative of pinched bottle corks, The Stoppers allow the secure, easy resealing of open bottles of still wine.

Design patent.

Not suitable for sparkling wines.

Hand wash only.


Alloy and silicone.